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____TheAuthors Memoirs____

A Fictional Autobiography by Todd Perry
Version 1, Scheduled for spring 2024

[Suzy] (Toddbot says) Please
for more info about the
fictional universe in
which this book
was written.

__Table of Contents__

Conri's Memoir
  For the authors
  Preface by Fred
  Preface by Suzie
  Preface by Conri
  The Authors’ Note
  Epilogue by Suzy

TheSuzy Memoir
  Preface by Suzy
  CH0: PC Prologue
  CH1: Crash Course
  CH2: Hacker Hall
  CH3: Startup Street
  CH4: Poly Poker
  CH5: Colossi Coding
  Epilogue by Albert

Fred's Memoir
  Preface by Me
  CH1: All in One
  CH2: It Takes 2
  Epilogue by Phil

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